Dr. Robert Thompson, MD


“DNA Methylation, Understanding the “Epigenetic Clock”, Reversing “Warburg Cellular Changes” and DNA Methylation. A New Paradign in Understanding Aging, Cancer Prevention, Early Diagnosis of Cancer and Its Treatment.” 

Dr. Thompson graduated from University of Kentucky College of Medicine in 1977. He completed his internship in Pediatrics in 1978 at the University of California, Irvine and Residency on Obstetrics and Gynecology at Pennsylvania State University in 1982. He was Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology in 1984 which he practiced for 30 years with specialty certifications in Advanced Pelviscopic and Hysteroscopic Surgery and Microsurgery and Tubal Reanastimosis. He was recognized as a Certified Reproductive Surgeon in 1988 and was chosen “Best Physicians in America” in 1996. He served in the US Army Reserves from 2002 to 2011 as a Lt. Colonel with distinction.


His practice is now exclusively focused on integrative medicine and integrative oncology achieving wellness and anti-aging medicine with his patients scattered all over the world in 32 countries and counting, who are usually seeking his expertise in clinical application of tissue mineral analysis, correct management of hypothyroidism, and state of the art transmucosal bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. He has made numerous contributions to advancing Laparoscopic Surgery and Microsurgery in the past and is now committed to advancing the practice of Integrative Medicine worldwide through his groundbreaking book, The Calcium Lie in 2008, with the first accurate description of Type 2 Hypothyroidism, and now The Calcium Lie 2 in 2013, which has many new observations, conclusions, more references, new health revelations, and many bold statements taking leadership in the field of medicine and the treatment and eradication of osteoporosis as a nutritional deficiency desease, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, the first accurate description of the 6 types of hypothyroidism, elimination of birth defects and autism, and more while exposing numerous health lies that plague us all.


He takes great passion in helping his patients back to health through correct supplementation, balancing and replacing minerals and hormones. He resides in Soldotna, Alaska on the world famous Kenai Penninsula where he actively seeks outdoor adventure, hunting, fishing, dog training, skiing, climbing, and more. He serves as a volunteer on boards of Love INC of Kenai Peninsula, and former Board President for 6 years, a homeless prevention and poverty care ministry. He assistant teaches 5th and 6th Grade Sunday School and serves on the Board of the Kenai Peninsula Orchestra for which he also plays first violin. He is a concert violinist and has served as concert master and assistant concertmaster of his undergraduate college orchestra at Western Kentucky University, and for the Anchorage Community Orchestra. He currently plays first violin with the Redoubt Chamber Orchestra and the Kenai Peninsula Orchestra.


He has proven Osteoporosis is a completely preventable nutritional disease. He has discovered the principle of substitution of minerals in human and animal physiology, called The Thompson-Doberhiner Principle. He has discovered and accurately described the Six types of Hypothyroidism and the correct way to diagnose and treat each type. He has discovered and announced formally that Autism is a completely preventable disease caused by Bromine and/or Fluoride toxicity. Today he shares with us his profound revelations about the C vitamin, soon to be a book, “The Vitamin C Lie” a treatise on Chronic Scurvy and all its ramifications, caused by ascorbic acid and the C vitamin deficiency.