Dr. Sook Hong, DDS, ND

Dr Sook Hong just retired from practicing dentistry for 30 years and she is now working as a health consultant in the San Francisco Bay area, California. Her focus is on achieving holistic medicine to promote health and wellness of entire body, including facial esthetic treatments, from inside and out. One of the modalities she uses to treat facial esthetic is Ozone therapy and PRP. She also combines plasmagel, Korean PDO thread, various devices, and supplements to help increase collagen formation and reduce wrinkles. In this class, Dr. Hong will share her magical hands-on technique to create synergic effect using multiple modalities. Dr. Hong has practiced ozone for the last ten years, and has learned  her Ozone & PRP techniques with several world-known experts, such as Dr. Adriana Schwartz. Dr. Hong has refined her protocols over the years in her clinical practice, and will share with you her best practices on an intensive, hands-on class setting.

Dr. Hong received a DDS degree from University of Pacific, school of dentistry in 1992.

In 2012, Dr. Hong received a certification as a Naturopath from the American College of Integrative Medicine. She also received a Master’s degree through Bio-research Institute 2010, completed 2 years of mini-residency program through Institute of Advanced TMJ Studies and completed post graduate course on Advanced Orthodontics and TMJ through Mid-America Orthodontic

Dr. Hong is a founding member of American Academy of Ozone Therapy since 2006.

Dr. Hong presented Ozone therapy in dentistry at the International Academy of Ceramic Implantology in 2018 and taught the same course she is going to teach this year on ozone and PRP at the Ozone Master Classes in 2018, receiving excellent feedback from the course participants.