Dr. Marcelo Almeida. Korean thread non-surgical face lift


This one day class will focus on the cosmetic applications of the Korean threads, which represent an excellent and long-lasting alternative to the traditional surgical face lift. Dr.Valio applies his expertise to a wide range of cosmetic complaints and combines this procedure with ozone dermatological products. As always with Ozone Master Classes, the emphasis of this course will be on practical learning. Dr. Marcelo Valio is a dynamic, highly experienced teaching clinician who will ensure that you understand the concepts and  how to perform the therapies. This course will fill up soon and space is limited.

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Expert Course on Polydioxanone thread (PDO).

Non-surgical Facial Lifting with Successful Associations About the course: Polydioxanone Induction (PDO) lifting thread help preventive support in addition to being collagen fiber inducers.

In this course you medical professional will have the experience of knowing how to apply PDO thread obtaining satisfactory results. Techniques with the purpose of support and dermal facial and body stimulation will be approached with the most specific and safe techniques of insertion and association with mesotherapy. You will learn facial treatments to add volume to the cheeks, raise an eyebrow, nasogenian fold (Chinese mustache), cheeks and nasolabial fold. The course will offer subsidies for a correct and assertive anamnesis in the indication of which and the amount and position of the support thread most suitable for each case. Possible complications, forms of reversion and treatments will also be addressed for the student to be successful in the proposed treatments.

Program content:

• Anatomophysiology of epithelial tissue.

• Pathophysiology of intrinsic and extrinsic aging.

• Concepts of absorbable polydioxanone thread (PDO).

• Composition and action mechanism of the PDO thread.

• Facial vectoring techniques using PDO threads.

• PDO traction thread implantation techniques.

• Association of techniques.

• Analysis of the client’s profile, Anamnesis.

• Indications and Contraindications.

• Adverse effects.

• Dealing with possible complications.

• Indication after procedure – Home Care.

• Clinical Practice on models – Hands on (afternoon)

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