Venue & Schedule

Our venue: the Biltmore hotel

The Biltmore Hotel is an iconic hotel nestled in Coral Gables, Miami, FL. The outstanding comfort and service offered by the staff and facilities will provide the perfect setting for our workshops. Please see the video on the right for some highlights of the Biltmore Hotel: 

How to reserve your room:

  • Group Block Portal:  Guest must enter group code 8814.  Note when booking using the hotel website that this only allows booking on the contracted dates, any pre and post-needs should call the in-house reservations desk directly to book instead.
  • Calling In-House Reservations 305-445-1926 or toll-free 1 855-311-6903 and refer to Group Booking ID 8814 “Ozone Master Classes”.

The in-house reservations desk is currently available from 9 am to 5 pm every day, local time (subject to change)

  • Reservations should be made no later than the Program Cutoff date of October 15, 2022, to take advantage of your group rate. After this date, online access will deactivate and we will release the unsold portion of your block for general sale.  Any reservations received after this date will be confirmed based on room availability at the prevailing transient rates.
  • All rooms require the deposit of the first night’s stay and tax upon booking. Rooms are subject to a 72-hour cancelation policy.  Failure to show or cancelation within 3 days of check-in will be assessed the deposit.
  • Please note that check-in is 3 pm, early arrivals are subject to availability and are not guaranteed.  To guarantee the room early, please book the room the night before. Check-out is at noon, late check-outs are subject to availability and not guaranteed. We can offer complimentary late check-out only up to 12:30 pm; subject to availability and not guaranteed.  To guarantee up to 4 pm would be a half day rate and after 4 pm is a full night’s stay. However, if the room is not available before arrival or after check-out, guests may still enjoy the property and leave the luggage with the concierge.

Explore the Biltmore


  • Price per night (not including applicable taxes or the Resort Fee of $10/night, which is not taxable): $159.00
  • Free parking for Ozone Master Classes guests in the large Biltmore parking lot.
  • Free access to all Biltmore sports facilities.
  • A buffet lunch will be provided every day.

How to get there:

– Check out the hotel’s transportation tips:

– Taxi/Shuttle – Miami Int’l Airport $20.00 flat rate (One Way, 6 miles)/ $13.00 per person (One Way, 6 miles – 24 hour advanced notice/pre-pay with credit or debit card)

– Transportation On-site Preferred Vendor – Majestic Limousine 305-445- 8066 Ext. 3195.

–  From Miami International Airport – approx. 18 min drive (5.7 miles)


Friday, November 18th: (Two workshops will run concurrently)

Workshop I: Relevance of Heavy Metal Detoxification to Prevent and Treat Chronic Diseases.                                         Room: Merrick

7:30 am    Registration and breakfast buffet                                                                                                                                            Room:  Bowman

8:00 am    TBA

10:00 am  Coffee Break (15 minutes) 

12:30 pm  Lunch Buffet.                                                                                                                                                                                Room: Bowman

1:30 pm    Class continues

3:30 pm   Coffee Break (15 minutes)

5:30 pm   Class Adjourns 


Workshop II:  Dr. Mikhail Artamonov, MD “Intraosseous Ozone Injections”                                                                             Room: tba

 7:30 am     Registration and breakfast buffet                                                                                                                                          Room:  Bowman

8:00 am    Class starts

10:00 am   Coffee Break (15 minutes)

12:30 pm   Lunch.                                                                                                                                                                                          Room: Bowman

1:30pm     Class continues

3:30 pm     Coffee Break (15 minutes)

5:30 pm     Class Adjourns  


Saturday, November 19th:

Dr. Johann Lahodny, MD, Ph.D.: “Latest advances in High Dose Ozone Applications and Protocols”                                      Room: Tuttle

7:30 am    Registration

8:00 am    Dr. Johann Lahodny, MD, PhD

10:00 am  Coffee Break (15 minutes)

12:30 pm  Lunch                                                                                                                                                                                                Room: Bowman

1:30 pm  Dr. Silvia Menéndez, MD, PhD / Mary-Lis Urueña, MA, MBA :

                “Ozonated oils. Benefits and New Applications”                                                                                                                   Room: Bowman                     

3:30 pm    Coffee Break (15 minutes)

5:30 pm    Class adjourns 

SUNDAY, November 20th: (Two workshops will run concurrently)

Workshop I (a.m.): Dr. Silvia Menéndez, BS, PhD:   Room: Tuttle

1.- Pharmacological mechanisms and safety of Ozone Therapy in the treatment of SARS COV-2 patients.

2.- Protective effect of ozone in autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis.                                                                                                               

7:30 am      Registration

8:00 am      Dr. Silvia Menéndez, BS, PhD

10:00 am    Coffee Break (15 minutes)

12:30 pm    Lunch                                                                                                                                                                             Room: Bowman

1:30 pm      Class continues

3:30 pm     Coffee Break (15 minutes)

5:30 pm      Class Adjourns


Workshop II (p.m.):  Dr. Mikhail Artamonov, MD:  “Xenon, a New Medicinal Gas”                                                         Room: Tuttle

 7:30 am        Registration

8:00 am        Dr. Mikhail Artamonov: “Case Studies in Ozone and Homotoxicoloty”

10:00 am      Coffee Break (15 minutes)

12:30 pm      Lunch.                                                                                                                                                                           Room: Bowman

1:30 pm       Class continues 

3:30 pm       Coffee Break (15 minutes)

5:30 pm       Class Adjourns

Refund Policy: Ozone Master Classes will return 100% of your purchase four months ahead of the conference, 50% three months before the conference. No refunds will be granted after two months prior to the conference.

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