Dr. Marcelo Almeida. Platelet-rich Plasma, Plasmagel and Ozone as Synergistic Therapies


Dr. Marcelo Valio, MD, will be teaching the science and hands on practice of PRP, plasmagel and ozone aesthetic treatments in this one day-long workshop. Emphasis will be placed on allowing participants to practice the specific hands on jewels of wisdom that Dr. Valio has learned over his decades of experience in aesthetic medicine. Dr. Marcelo Valio is a gifted, dynamic, enjoyable teacher who will fluently discuss and demonstrate his therapies. We expect this course to fill up quickly and space will be limited.

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In this day-long workshop, Dr. Marcelo Valio, MD, will cover the following topics:

  1. Understanding  the Definition of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)
  2. Learning about  the growth factors present in platelets
  3. How and Why to “Activate” PRP
  4. Benefits of PRP in the medical literature
  5. Medical/Wound Healing Indications
  6. Review of Literature regarding cosmetic indications
  7. How to transform PRP into Plasmagel to use it as a filler method
  8. Plasmagel application techniques as filler
  9. Skin tone and uniformity
  10. Hair Regrowth
  11. Scars
  12. Cosmetic PRP Facelift Technique and Protocols
  13. Patient Assessment
  14. Planning the Treatment
  15. Performing the Procedure
  16. Aftercare
  17. Cosmetic PRP Facial Technique and Protocols
  18. Combined PRP and Ozone Treatment
  19. Hand Rejuvenation Protocols


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